The presence of Opus Dei within the University

The University came about because Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, then Prelate of Opus Dei, encouraged a number of faithful members of the Prelature to try and set up in Rome a hospital and a university, inspired by the message of Saint Josemaría, i.e. to live the Christian faith and charity, with coherence and audacity, throughout one’s daily activities, in particular, in one’s work. Bishop Álvaro’s dream of work performed skilfully and with dedication to humankind (embracing all dimensions of the person, in particular when they are frail and ill) inspired the University’s mission and its intentions as regards education, research and healthcare.

There is also an institutional relationship, governed by an agreement, between the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and the Opus Dei Prelature, which supports the University’s mission with activities of doctrinal and spiritual formation, promoting its Christian identity and offering spiritual support to those who work there and desire such support, through Chaplains appointed by the Prelature.  

Moreover, a number of the Prelature’s faithful and Opus Dei collaborators (University employees, lecturers, or students, etc.) seek to live their life in conformity with the spirit of Opus Dei. Many others, too, though not members of the Prelature, also identify with this Christian way of life and its ideals. This presence consists primarily in the testimony of their lives and in the dedication displayed towards colleagues and friends. Furthermore, anyone is free to organize, in a personal, spontaneous way, activities, discussions, prayer encounters, etc. in order to help others discover and live the spirit: love of God and others in one’s own daily commitments, in one’s personal relationships and in work.

Opus Dei’s task is to remind us that all Christians are called to holiness, in other words to a life totally inspired by faith, particularly in the ordinary everyday affairs: affections, study, work, the small everyday things, that become big when they are lived with love. To help people live this ideal, Opus Dei offers various kinds of formational aids to deepen one’s faith (conferences or courses on matters of faith), improve one’s family life and professional commitment, and to live a filial relationship of complete trust in God (meditations, monthly and yearly retreats, etc.). Anyone interested in learning more about this way of living one’s faith and who would like to receive these formational aids can contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., council member of the Opus Dei Delegation for Rome and central/southern Italy. In particular, one can ask for personal spiritual guidance on how to live this spirit and ideal of a Christian life within in the world.

Opus Dei does not interfere in matters of professional, technical or financial pertinence, which fall totally within the secular jurisdiction of the relevant authorities and ultimately of the University Council, as laid down in the provisions of the University Statutes.