Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

As a non-governmental, legally recognized University (Ministerial Decree of 31 October 1991), the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome’s educational activities are focused on those sciences that contribute towards the care of the human person and the environment, in the interests of a sustainable development that safeguards people’s health. One particular feature of this University is the close collaboration that exists between its two Departmental Faculties, namely the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and that of Engineering, particularly as regards those expanding sectors in which technology and health come together.

If you have a High School Diploma then you may apply for admission to the Bachelor's Degree course (3-year degree) or to the 6-year (single-course) Master's Degree.

If you have already obtained a Degree then you may apply for admission to one of our Master's Degrees courses. The credits you obtained as part of your previous Degree must however meet the admission requirements.

Sciences for the Care of the Human Person, technology at the service of man and the environment

The Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery offers four study programs, as follows: a 6-year Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery, two 3-year Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Nursing and the other in Medical Radiology Imaging Techniques and Radiotherapy, and a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

The Departmental Faculty of Engineering offers a three-year Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as two subsequent degree courses, namely a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and Master’s in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development. In addition to information on the above three programs, in this section the student can also find out about the activities of the University & Private Enterprise Committee and obtain useful information for taking the State Examination to be licensed to practice professionally.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Faculty of Engineering