Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

The Master’s Degree Course in Biomedical Engineering (120 Course Credits with mandatory participation) prepares professionals who are capable of fitting into any work sector that applies engineering to Medicine and Biological Science. Students have the possibility to choose from the following curriculum:

  • eHealth Systems
  • BioRobotics and Bionics
  • Clinical Engineering

Close collaboration between the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine and Surgery guarantees ideal conditions to Biomedical Engineering students for their study and research with a very strong interdisciplinary character. Campus Bio-medico also has an Advanced Research Complex in Biomedicine and Bioengineering, that sits right alongside the University Hospital and provides laboratory facilities where students complete the practical training that is part of their academic study, and where they can also work on their respective theses.

The program also benefits from collaboration with the University & Private Enterprise Committee, which UCBM established with the specific aim of co-opting the business world in the process of defining/updating course training programs and the technological research/development goals. This close collaboration with private companies translates into a training program that facilitates our new engineering graduates’ incorporation into the workplace.