WI-MYOHAND “Optimized implantable system for interfacing with the peripheral nervous system and control of upper limb prosthesis”

Project objectives

The project has the important goal of developing and testing an upper limb prosthetic system consisting of an implantable sensory feedback system capable of allowing a more intuitive and selective control of the prosthetic limb. In particular, this project aims at optimizing the neural stimulation/recording system and the intraneural electrodes, in order to improve their characteristics of miniaturization, functionality, biocompatibility and biostability and favouring their extensive use in the long term. For this purpose, priority will be given to the concurrent design aspects of the electrodes and electronic stimulation and recording units, using advanced models and simulators of the nerve-electrode interaction to optimize their design and preliminarily validate their performance in a simulation environment. Then, an extensive validation of the biostability and biocompatibility aspects will be performed. At the same time, the project wants to innovate the techniques for decoding muscle activity, by exploiting the potential of High Density EMG systems in order to increase the number of gestures that can be performed with the prosthetic system.

Start/End Date

21 dicembre 2020 - 20 dicembre 2023

Principal Investigator

PI: Prof. Loredana Zollo

Col: Eng Francesca Cordella

Clinical activities responsability

Prof. Vincenzo Denaro, Prof. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, Prof. Giovanni Di Pino, Prof. Silvia Sterzi

Host institution

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Other Institutions involved

Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL)

Source of funding

Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL)