Seizing opportunities together

The University Career Services Office promotes contact between students/neo-graduates of the Campus Bio-Medico and the professional world, encouraging alternate periods of study and work and facilitating the process of supply and demand. The University has set up a University-Business Committee where an ongoing dialogue of comparison and consultation between the acdemic and professional worlds takes place to promote the constant updating of study programs, supporting research and facilitating the entry of recent graduates in the working world.

Over 90% of our graduates have found jobs within 3 years of graduating. More than 70% of them have found jobs within 1 year. The activities performed by the Placement Service include the following:

  • providing support to students and neo-graduates in their search for internships and on-the-job training, to enable them to complete their study programs and gain some initial work experience
  • providing a personalized consultancy service to students and neo-graduates during the initial stages of professional life, from their entry into the working world and through the subsequent periods of transition and growth
  • providing assistance to companies in the selection, analysis and evaluation of curricula vitae.