Funding your study

The Right to Education Office provides scholarships and other types of financial aid to eligible students who display exceptional financial need.

Financial aid is provided by the University, the Lazio Region and companies that have developed a collaborative relationship with Campus Bio-Medico. This financial aid includes:


Different types of scholarships are awarded, covering tuition fees partially or completely. Applicants are assessed based on merit and income criteria.

All students of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome can participate in the annual competition promoted by the Regional Authority for the Right to Education DiSCo Lazio.

Bursaries for large families

There is a 10% discount on tuition fees for students coming from a large family, i.e. from a household in which there are at least three other siblings under 26 years of age. This discount can be requested at the time of enrollment through a specific form, also available at the Student Services Office. The discount will be applied to the second installment of the tuition fee.

Honour loan

The agreement between Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and Intesa Sanpaolo bank allows students to access “Per Merito”, a flexible and convenient fund granted to applicants without the need for any kind of accessory guarantee, to support their study expenses.

Student accomodation