Local volunteer activities

During the course of the year, students and lecturers at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome are engaged in numerous volunteer activities both within the University Hospital and in the Trigoria district where the University is located, providing assistance to the elderly and children.

Volunteer services in the University Hospital

This is something that students can do throughout the whole year. Each volunteer can choose a time-period in the day in which to make themselves available, which may be at breakfast time (8am–9am) or at dinner time (7pm–8pm). They are assigned to a specific ward where, under the guidance of the nursing staff, they can help patients with various activities such as having breakfast, taking a walk, etc.

Volunteer services in the local neighbourhood

On Saturday afternoons and on certain weekdays, students may offer their services as a volunteer at an old-age home in the local district, for about an hour at a time. The volunteers can keep the elderly residents company or help them with various activities such as having their afternoon tea or taking a walk through the gardens, or they can play a game of cards with them. Anyone can offer this kind of service, and it is a great help to both the elderly and to their families, a way of offering them some moral support.

Volunteer services in Trigoria

The “Trigoria Work Camp” is organized as a 1-week-long volunteer activity, occupying most of the day though it is not live-in. Each year the work camp has a specific theme and a number of topics are studied and/or small research tasks performed. Alongside the periods of training for the volunteers, there are also various types of tasks to perform that rotate round the University Hospital, such as helping patients at meal times (lunch and dinner) and providing company to hospitalized patients whose families are unable to visit. Students can also offer their services at the Blood Transfusion Centre, where they can either perform administrative tasks or encourage people to donate blood. Other potential volunteering activities include providing entertainment at the local centre for the aged and at the old-age home, or helping with maintenance at the local parish and old-age home. A debriefing session is held each day to share and discuss the volunteers’ most significant experiences.

International work camps

Each year, international work camps are also organized, which enable the students to exercise not only their scientific and medical capabilities but above all their human qualities and skills. Currently, work camps are organized only for females.

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