Procedures for the National Scientific Qualification 2021-2023

Threshold values ​​- Impact indicators of scientific production

The threshold values ​​of the impact indicators of scientific production are indicated in Ministerial Decree 8 August 2018, n. 589 with Values-Threshold.

Call for Aspiring Commissioners

The call for the formation of the national commissions 2021-2023 for the conferment of the National Scientific Qualification to the functions of first and second level university professor was announced with Directorial Decree n. 251 of 29 January 2021.

Call for Candidates

The call for the National Scientific Qualification was issued with DD no. 553 of 26 February 2021 and related attachments:

The announcement has been integrated with Directorial Decree n. 589 of 5 March 2021 in correction to the procedure for obtaining the national scientific qualification (ASN) pursuant to Decree n.553/2021.

Deadlines for the application to participate

  • 31st quarter: starting from 2021 May 15.00 and no later than 30 pm (Italian time) on 2021 September ;
  • 1nd quarter: starting from 2021 October 15.00 and no later than 1 pm (Italian time) on 2022 February ;
  • 2rd quarter: starting from 2022 February 15.00 and no later than 3 pm (Italian time) of 2022 June ;
  • 4th quarter: starting from 2022 June 15.00 and no later than 4 pm (Italian time) of 2022 October ;
  • 5th quarter: starting from 2022 October 15.00 and no later than 6 pm (Italian time) of 2023 February .

The participation application, completed in lingua Italian, must be submitted exclusively via the electronic procedure in the following ways:

  • for professors and researchers working at Italian universities, by accessing the appropriate section in the "teacher site”. In this case, the information already present with reference to each candidate will be used exclusively for the purpose of identifying the "Academic position", while any publications already present will not be automatically imported;
  • for subjects not included in the category referred to in letter a), following registration in the appropriate section in the "teacher site".