Qualified care and assistance for the elderly

Alberto Sordi, an unforgettable interpreter of our times, at the age of 70 wanted to create a Foundation dedicated to the care and qualified assistance of the elderly, also oriented towards defending the dignity of the person and his right to quality of life.

La Alberto Sordi Foundation is a Moral body established in 1992, recognized with the Ministerial Decree of 30 October 1995. Sordi donated a plot of land south of Rome and immersed in the green countryside, so that in 2002 an avant-garde structure could be built there consisting of a Center for Health of the Elderly (CESA) multipurpose and integrated for the care and qualified assistance of elderly people and by a Fragile Elderly Day Center to help the elderly maintain, recover and develop their psycho-physical abilities. 

The Foundation is a supporting body of Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, which, on the same ground, gave rise to the Advanced Research Centre in Biomedicine and Bioengineering (PRABB) and, in 2012, the Educational Centre (Trapezio).

The Foundation is engaged in raising funds for the research activities of the Campus Bio-Medico in the field of pathologies of aging.