Quality Assurance (QA) can be defined as the set of internal processes related to the design, management and self-evaluation of educational and scientific activities, including internal and external forms of verification, which aim at improving the quality of higher education respecting the responsibility of universities towards society.

The QA model which constitutes the reference for the definition of their QA system by Italian universities was defined by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR) ​​in the document 'Periodic Accreditation of University Locations and Courses of Study. Guidelines'.

To ensure quality, each University must make use of the activities carried out by the University Quality Control Center (PQA), a structure that supervises the carrying out of QA procedures at University level, in the CdS and in the Departments, based on the guidelines formulated by the Bodies of Government, ensuring the management of internal and external information flows and supporting the actions of the structures. Composition and functioning of the PQA are autonomously defined by the singUniversity oils.

The new composition of the Quality Assurance Committee meets systematically (on average weekly) to accompany the University in the implementation of Quality Assurance processes). In particular, the Quality Control Board has approved its Annual report at the meeting of 23 June 2023.