The Quality Assurance ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma ensures:

  • consultancy to the governing bodies of the University on Quality Assurance (QA);
  • definition and updating of the tools for the implementation of the University QA policy;
  • coordination and support of QA procedures at Degree Course and Departmental Faculty level;
  • organization and management of training activities for personnel involved in QA;
  • organization and verification of the regular and adequate performance of QA procedures;
  • support for the management of information and document flows related to QA.

The Quality Assurance has prepared a 'system of guidelines':

  • Guidelines for managing student reports and complaints 
  • Guidelines for Joint Teacher-Student Commissions
  • Guidelines for Quality Assurance of University Degree Courses in line with the AVA approach
  • Guidelines for the design of study courses
  • Model of Teaching Regulations for Study Courses
  • Guidelines for completing teaching sheets
  • Guidelines for the management of questionnaires completed by students and the publicization and use of the related results (LG questionnaires)
  • Guidelines for the management of student services
  • Guidelines for annual monitoring and cyclical review