The Teacher-Student Joint Commissions (CPDS) are established, one for each Departmental Faculty, pursuant to article 35 of the DR 198 of 300/05/2022 - General University Regulations ofUniversità Campus Bio-medico di Roma.

The teacher-student Joint Commissions are responsible for:

  • monitor the educational offer as a whole, with particular reference to the results of the student opinion survey;
  • identify indicators for the evaluation of the results of the monitoring activity of the training offer and the quality of teaching as well as of the service activity to the students of the professors and researchers;
  • draw up an annual report that contains an analysis of the training offer and the effectiveness of its organization, highlighting the critical points where appropriate;
  • inform the student body on activities to ensure the quality of study course teaching, with particular reference to the use of the results of the student opinion survey.

Each Joint Commission is appointed for a two-year period, except in cases of forfeiture, with a specific Rectoral Decree based on a resolution by the Academic Senate and proposal by the Council of the Departmental Faculty.

A teacher and a student representative for each course of study pertaining to the same take part in the composition of the teacher-student joint commission of a departmental faculty. The single-cycle master's degree course in Medicine and Surgery requires the participation of two professors and two student representatives, one respectively for the first and one for the second three-year study period.