UCBM Academy promotes post-graduate training ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, through paths in line with the most current scenarios and the most relevant needs of the labor market, within programs also developed in partnership with companies, incubators and business accelerators.

It is a place, physical and virtual, aimed at the continuous production and sharing of knowledge which contributes to the production of value and employability.

In particular it offers masters and advanced courses for recent graduates who intend to specialize in specific subjects, executive courses to facilitate upskilling and reskilling processes and customized routes to respond to the urgent needs of the productive world generated by the digital and sustainable transformation.

It also develops activities of lifelong learning with a view to the constant transfer of knowledge, creating virtuous synergies between the academic world, businesses and society.

Medicine, ingengineering, management: the offer UCBM Academy


Training programs aimed at all healthcare professionals: from one-year highly specialized courses (Masters) to CME focused on specific skills.

UCBM is an ECM provider accredited by the Ministry of Health (organization chart). In close collaboration with the clinical and teaching areas of the University, it designs seminars, workshops, congresses and innovative training modules for healthcare professionals in the ECM field. The Post-Graduate Training Service also collaborates with the University's Human Resources Strategic Area for the coordination and management of CME training for the healthcare personnel of the University Hospital.

Regulations for the discipline of CME courses, Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3


Courses mainly focused on scientific and economic disciplines, particularly in the field of security.


Training proposal aimed at those who are inserted or want to insert themselves in emerging sectors such as nutrition-health and well-being.


Training programs specifically dedicated to top management figures in the healthcare context.


A flexible and modular offer created to meet the needs of the main transformation trends of the labor market and to redefine the strategic and planning skills necessary for the innovation and sustainability sector.