23 August – 10 September 2021 - Phygital Edition in collaboration with Marzotto Venture Accelerator

Digital sustainability is the means by which digitalisation, as a key part of the fourth industrial revolution, can deliver on the global sustainability goals. Participants will learn about circular economy, sustainable development and how to integrate sustainability into the organisation.


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What is the Bootcamp?

An intensive 3-week programme lectures, labs and project work to acquire technical skills and soft skills. Guardianing and teamwork they are essential parts.
You will never be alone - it is a community learning journey!

What is Phygital?

We combine the best of the physical and the digital world: the full program is available online with live sessions or in person (at Marzotto Venture Accelerator, Via Salandra 13, Rome). Attendance is totally flexible. You can choose!

What are the aims of the Bootcamp?

  • To introduce participants to foundations of IoT and to the main tools and methods of AI with lectures, group work and hands-on tutorials, with special focus on the sustainability framework challenges.
  • To provide practical industry experience using industry case-studies from our partner businesses through a week-long hackathon. 
  • To provide soft-skills training, as requested by the current job market, in terms of team work ability and effective communication.


In order to secure your place in the bootcamp, please follow these instructions:

1. Fill in the following Bootcamp Application Form

2.After filling in this form, you will receive an email with the step-by-step Payment Guidance

3. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive the Enrollment Pack

To request information contact us at [email protected]



> Make objects sense the environment: intro to sensor principles, transducers, digital sensors
> Computinging with physical objects: embedded device architecture and programming
> Make objects communicate: protocols for data exchange and data communication models
> Blockchain: distributed ledgers, smart contracts, DApps


> Read and evaluate the data: descriptive stats, data dependencies and visualization
> Understand data and make predictions: (un)supervised classifications, classifiers and regressors
> Making decisions based on data: neural networks, reinforcement and transfer learning
> Cloud services for IoT and AI: cloud systems, IoT-AI closed loop


> Sustainability challenges and Integrating Sustainability into the Organization
> Hackathon – the teams work to find solutions to the industry case-studies

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What is included in the Bootcamp?

All courses, labs, tutorsing sessions, hackathons and group project work with tutors. Access to Cisco NetAcad selected courses and Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool. A Rasberry Pi 3b will be sent to all participants. Cisco Academy Certificate at the end of the course. Networking opportunities with industry partners.

Eligibility and requirements:

Who is the eBootcamp for?

Undergraduate and graduate students (over 18 years of age), newly graduated and early-stage practitioners in engineeringing or computer science.

What are the entry requirements?

> Courses are taught entirely in English. No language certificate is required, but we recommend an equivalent B2 level or higher.
> Participants must have basic computinging skills and familiarity with any kind of programing language.

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