The Governance of the University

Information on the University governing bodies that coordinate its teaching activities is available in this section. The University has three Departmental Faculties: Medicine and Surgery, Ingengineering, Sciences and Technologies for Man and the Environment.

The Rector is appointed by the Board of Directors from among full professors in service at Italian universities or from among professors of the same level at foreign universities, remains in office for three academic years and can be reappointed only once (Statute UCBM, art. 11, 1). Responsible for the functioning of the General Administration of the University is the Director General UCBM according to the functions established by the law, by the university regulations and by the Statute UCBM (cf. art. 15).

The Academic Senate is made up of the Rector, who presides over it, the Vice Rector for University Education, the Vice Rector for Research, the Deans of the Departmental Faculties and the General Director of the University (with consultative vote). The General Regulations of the University determine the matters for which the President of the Student Council participates in the Academic Senate, with the right to vote. In compliance with the institutional purposes of theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, the Academic Senate is the impetus and coordination body for teaching and scientific activities, exercising all the powers delegated to it by current legislation and by the Statute and General Regulations of the University (Statute UCBM, art. 12).

The Departmental Faculties hold the functions aimed at carrying out teaching and research activities. Their Principals are appointed by the Board of Directors ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, having consulted the Rector, among the full-time full-time full-time professors of the respective Departmental Faculties. The governing bodies of the Departmental Faculties are also the Faculty Councils and Committees (Statute UCBM, articles 18-20)

The teaching and research activity of the University is also subject to monitoring by the Evaluation Unit, which operates according to the methods established by the University General Regulations, in compliance with current legislation and in connection with the activity of the National Agency for the University and Research Evaluation (ANVUR). The Nucleus is appointed by the Board of Governors, after consultation with the Academic Senate, and is made up of highly qualified individuals mainly from outside the University (Statute UCBM, art. 14). To supervise the "Quality Assurance" (QA) processes, consistently with the Italian legislation for the self-assessment and accreditation system of universities, theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma it also has a Quality Assurance.