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On this page it is possible to download the study manifesto in PDF format, i.e. the prospectus which summarizes all the courses offered by the Degree Course according to the Academic Year of enrolment.

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  • What are OFA (Additional Learning Obligations)?
    All students who have completed their enrollment are required to take, at the beginning of the teaching semester, a test aimed at verifying any training gaps in mathematics. Upon completion of the test, the student may be assigned an Additional Educational Obligation (OFA).
  • What are the OFA that can be assigned?
    OFA can be awarded in mathematics.
  • How does the OFA verification test take place?
    Verification of compulsory training is the subject of a specific test at the beginning of the teaching semester.
    The test for verifying OFA in mathematics consists of a test made up of mathematics questions. Students who achieve a grade lower than 18/30 are awarded the OFA in mathematics.
    The instructions for carrying out the tests are communicated to students with a dedicated email.
  • How do I know if I have OFA?
    The student views the score obtained via a notice published on E-learning by the Teaching Secretariat of the Course.
    If the grade obtained is less than 18/30, it is necessary to complete the OFA.
  • What do I do if I have OFA?
    The satisfaction of the OFA will be verified by the teacher in charge of the course to which the OFA pertains. The dates of the OFA tests are planned before the scheduled exam sessions and are published in Esse3. In order to access the exam, the student must book on Esse3.
    The additional learning obligation is considered fulfilled if the test is passed.
    The OFA in mathematics must be completed before taking the relevant exam required by the study plan (Mathematics).
  • What happens if I don't comply with the OFA?
    As an alternative to the above method, the OFA is considered fulfilled upon passing the relevant related exam.
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