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  • What are OFA (Additional Learning Obligations)?
    All students who have completed their enrollment are required to take, at the beginning of their teaching activities, a test aimed at verifying any training gaps in first year disciplines. Upon completion of the test, the student may be assigned one or more Additional Educational Obligations (OFA).
  • What are the OFAs that could be assigned?
    Degree Course in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition: OFA mathematics.
  • How does the OFA verification test take place?
    Enrolled students who have taken the admission test to the Course of Study by correctly answering all 10 mathematics and physics questions are exempt from the test aimed at verifying any OFA in mathematics (henceforth test).
    The OFA verification test will consist of a test of 30 multiple choice questions. Each question will have 5 answers, only one of which is correct. The following scores will be awarded to the answers:
    n. 1 point for each correct answer;
    n. 0 points for each incorrect or unanswered answer.
    The verification test will be passed if at least 18 out of 30 questions are answered correctly.
    The date of administration of the OFA mathematics test will be communicated on the E-Learn platforming of the University by the Teaching Secretariat of the Study Course.
    The test must be taken in presence on the date and time of the meeting.
    Absence from the test will result in the automatic attribution of additional mathematics training obligations.
  • How do I know if I have OFA?
    The student will receive notification of the possible attribution of the OFA in mathematics from the Teaching Secretariat of the Degree Course
  • What do I do if I have OFA?
    The student will be provided with educational material dedicated to independent preparation for the test. This material will be available on the e-learn platforming of the University. Training sessions will also be organized with the mathematics teacher.
  • What happens if I don't comply with the OFA?
    As an alternative to the above method, OFA students are considered to have passed the "Mathematics and Computer Science" exam scheduled for the first year of the Study Course.


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