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  • What are OFA (Additional Learning Obligations)?
    All students who have completed their enrollment are required to take, at the beginning of their teaching activities, a test aimed at verifying any training gaps in first-year disciplines. At the outcome of the test can be assigned to the student one or more addictional learning obligatios (OFA).
    The students who do not take the verification test will not be able to book for the exams..
  • What are the OFA that can be assigned?
    Single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
    Single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
    Single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery - MedTech: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
    Degree Course in Nursing: Chemistry and Mathematics
    Degree Course in Physiotherapy: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
    Degree course in Techniques: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • How does the OFA verification test take place?
    The OFA verification is the subject of a specific test.
    The student regulary enrolled in the Course must take a multiple choice test uploaded to the University's E-Learning platform by logging in using their credentials.
    The dates of administration of the OFA test are communicated and published on E-Learning by the Teaching Secretariat of the Course.
    The verification test is considered passed if 60% of the questions are answered exactly.
    Students who do not correctly answer at least 60% of the questions administered will be assigned one or more Additional Learning Obligations.
    One point will be awarded for the correct answer and 1 points if incorrect or omitted.
  • How do I know if I have OFA?
    At the end of the test, the student views the score obtained on E-learning.
    If the score obtained is below the threshold value set out in the admission notice, it is necessary to complete the OFA.
  • What do I do if I have OFA?
    To complete the OFA, the student must consult the material made available by the teacher in charge of the course to which the OFA pertains and pass the relevant test.
    The dates of the OFA tests are published in Esse3.
    In order to access the exam, the student MUST book on ESSE3
    The additional learning obligation is considered fulfilled if the test is passed.
  • What happens if I don't comply with the OFA?
    As an alternative to the above method, OFAs are considered to have been completed during the exam by passing the related exam. Only in this case, the teacher will be able to provide additional tests/questions (depending on whether the relevant exam takes place in oral or written form) in order to verify them.

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Internships in the healthcare sector

The Course of Study requires students to attend a period of training with educational and orientation purposes carried out within environments specific to the professional healthcare context. All general information on internships in the healthcare sector is detailed on the page Internships in the healthcare sector and, specifically, to the section Internships in the healthcare sector for the Medicine and Surgery, Medicine and Surgery and Medicine and Surgery “Medtech” degrees (LM-41).

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