Technology at the service of man and the environment

The Faculty of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development and One Health characterizes itself by research activities. Offering training addressed to emerging sectors and crucial development for modern society, such as the relationship between food-health and wellness, green economy, environmental sustainability, new frontiers of smart city, and smart agriculture. Technological aspects are harmonized with a modern awareness of the norms and regulatory contexts of the human-environment combination and with an ethical and anthropological deepening of the phenomena of change, in line with the perspectives of true technological humanism.

In addition to the traditional fields of Medicine and Engineering, the University with the Faculty Science and Technology for Sustainable Development and One Health intends to prepare professional figures who have technical and scientific skills to respond to the emerging and complex needs that our society requires.

Faculty uses a University-Enterprise Committee created by UCBM to involve the productive world in the definition and updating of the curriculum and the technological development objectives of the Departmental Faculty. Contact with companies allows the development of training paths that facilitate the students’ integration into the job market, the transfer of technology to the productive world, and the development of particular attention to the real problems of our society. Faculty is involved in international cooperation activities aimed at creating a campaign to raise awareness with the aim to solve malnutrition in depressed geographical areas, open to students wishing to participate in such activities.