Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development (LM-22)

  • Type: Master's Degree
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Credits: 120

The fight against climate change and environmental degradation is today considered an elements at the basis of economic and social development. The need to plan a sustainable future can be the basis of a university education that has its roots inchemical engineering, a discipline that deals with the design and optimization of a vast range of production and transformation processes of substances and materials. Thus, this course was born with the training objective of acquiring technical skills to intervene on the chemical, biochemical or physical state of elements in industrial sectors with a specific focus on sustainability and improving the quality of life.

The course lets students to direct their education towards two paths: Environment and Energy Pharma and Biotech Industry. The former trains specialized technical figures to operate in the plant engineering and industrial plant design sectors with a particular focus on the climate change and energy sectors. The second, on the other hand, trains students to operate in the waste and recycling sector, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and more generally in the biotech sector which is rapidly developing all over the world.

The presence of numerous corporate teachers, the possibility of internships in companies domestic and abroad, and with a placement close to 100% one year after graduation demonstrate the strengths of the course in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development.

The professional trained in this course is a extremely flexible and highly specialized figure, who engages in the development, planning, design or operational management of plants, systems, processes or services in various industrial sectors. Graduates easily place themselves in: energy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, food, engineering, consultancy in the environmental sector, manufacturing companies or industrial laboratories.

President of the Course