Faculty - CdLM Food Science and Technology and Supply Chain Management

Roberta Aronica
Adjunct professor

Born in Rome on 12 December 1967, she is married and has three children.

Even before obtaining the L.D. degreeingue and Foreign Literatures at LUMSSA in 1991, he collaborated with the Italian school for foreigners TINA2 snc as an Italian teacher.

Entered the Bio-Medical Campus as a professor of Inginjured and Inglese Scientifico in 1994, he taught degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and Nursing, taking over the coordination and expanding the training offer already after the first 5 years. Since 2002 you have also been involved in courses ingaggrieved by the Departmental Faculty of Ingengineering and subsequently those of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies for Man and the Environment, where he designed two ingad hoc technical lese for the two Master's Degree courses. Since June 2022 he has worked as head of the L Centeringuistics of the University, dealing with:

- management of relations with the Trinity School and relative supervision of the service they offer;

- coordination of the Foundation Year programme;

- assessment linguistic of teachers;

- organization of courses inglese for all the University's degree courses.

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Prof.ssa Marta Bertolaso
Full professor

Full Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Bergen (until June 2023). Head of the Philosophy of Science and Human Development research unit. He carries out research activities in various fields of philosophy, epistemology, ethics and the sciences of complexity and life, with a production of over 100 works including volumes and articles.

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Francesco Bruno
Full professor


Francesco Bruno

born in Rome on 28/9/1971

e-mail: [email protected]


Graduated in Law at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in the academic year 1995/96;

PhD in the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa – Scuola Superiore di S. Anna in 2001;

5th degree at L'Institut d'Etudes Francaises De Touraine;

11th level of the British Institute.

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Prof. Marcello De Falco
Full professor

Professor of Chemical Plants, he is present at theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma since 2010, where he is responsible for the Research Unit "IngProcess engineering". He carries out research in various fields of energy and chemical plant engineering, with the production of around 100 papers in journals with Impact factor.

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Prof.ssa Laura De Gara
Ordinary Professor

Academic Curriculum

12 XII 1981 Degree in Biological Sciences (110/110 cum laude)

1 XI 1984 Researcher of Botany in service at the Botanical Institute of the Faculty of Sciences MMFFNN of the University of Bari.

1 XI 1998 Associate Professor of Plant Physiology (Faculty of Sciences MMFFNN of the University of Bari).

1 I 2005 Full Professor of Plant Physiology (MMFFNN Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bari).

1 I 2008 Full Professor of Plant Physiology (MMFFNN Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bari).

1 XI 2009 Full Professor of Plant Physiology Università campus Bio-Medico di Roma (UCBM)

Roles covered in the teaching-management field

- 2000 - 2008 Delegate of the Dean for the Degree Course in Dietetics - UCBM

- IX 2003 - VI 2009 President of the Degree Course in Natural Sciences, Faculty of Sciences MMFFNN University of Bari.

- AY 2005/06 Director of the second level Master in Identification and Management of Protected Natural Areas, University of Bari.

- 2006 -2010 Member of the Technical Committee promoting the Course in Food Science and Human Nutrition - UCBM.

- 2006-2007 Member of the Evaluation TeamUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

- 2007-2009 Member of the Board of Directors UCBM

- 2005 - 2013 Board member of the Italian Society of Plant Biology.

- From the. 2009 to 2014 delegate of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for study courses L/13 and LM/61 UCBM

- From 2014 to today President of the Master's Degree Course LM/61

- From July 2019 to October 2022 Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Science and Technology for Man and the Environment

- From 1 November 2022 Deputy Pro-Rector with responsibility for Teaching

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Laura Dugo
Associate professor

Born in Messina on 29/05/1974.


2006: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacology from the William Harvey Research Institute, St. Bartholomew's and The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK

2006: PhD in Experimental Medicine (XVII cycle) - Department of Experimental Medicine and Pharmacology, University Hospital, University of Messina, Italy.

1997: Degree in Pharmacy obtained on 21/7/1997 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Messina, (110/110 cum laude) and qualification to practice as a Pharmacist.

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Prof.ssa Chiara Fanali
Full professor

From September 2020 to today - Full professor - competition sector 03/A1 - Analytical Chemistry, SSD CHIM01 "Analytical Chemistry" - at Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

September 2018 – Obtains the national scientific qualification as full professor in the competition sector 03/A1 – Analytical Chemistry.

From January 2015 to August 2020 – Associate professor – competition sector 03/A1 – Analytical Chemistry, SSD CHIM01 "Analytical Chemistry" – at Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

December 2013 – Obtains the national scientific qualification as full professor in the competition sector 03/A1 – Analytical Chemistry.

From February 2010 to January 2015 - Fixed-term University Researcher - competition sector 03/D1 - Chemistry and pharmaceutical, toxicological and nutraceutical-food technologies (SSD CHIM10 "Food Chemistry") - at the Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

February 2008 – PhD in Biochemical studies of the proteome with a thesis entitled “The maturation of human salivary peptides in the secretory pathway”.

May 2004 – Qualified as a freelance Chemist at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

February 2004 – Doctor degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

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Vittoria Locato
Associate professor

Vittoria Locato obtained from the University of Bari: degree in Biological Sciences cum laude (2003), master's degree in "Manager of the procurement and distribution processes of agri-food products" (2004) and the title of PhD in Physiology and Cellular Biotechnology (2008). In an international collaboration with Prof. Christine Foyer's group he worked for 6 months at the Rothamsted Research Institute, UK (2006-2007). He obtained a research grant (2008-2010) and was a researcher (2010-2018) at Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, where he is currently Associate Professor in Plant Physiology.

As of December 2022, he is the author of 42 publications reviewed in Scopus and WOS; H-index Scopus= 20.

An updated list of publications is available at

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Prof. Roberto Setola
Associate professor

Roberto Setola he is the Rector's Delegate for Cyber ​​Security, Scientific Director of the II level university Master's degree in "Homeland Security: Systems, Methods and Tools for Security and Crisis Management" ( and Director of the Complex Systems and Security Laboratories (

Since November 2019 he has a position of Expert at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on the subject of Resilience of Critical Infrastructures. Area in which he has held various positions at national and international level, among which he was the head of the technical secretariat of the Working Group for the Protection of Critical Computerized Infrastructures.

Director General of the National Inter-University Consortium for Logistics and Transport (NITEL) (since 2018)

National expert within the Horizon Europe program for Cluster 3 “Civil Security for Society” (since 2021)

Coordinator of the technical table on "Cyber ​​Resilience of Critical Infrastructures" set up by Unindustria (since 2022)

Also it was

- Rector's Delegate for University-Business relations (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma) [2014-22]

- Member of the Digital Transformation Unit established at the National School of Administration, Presidency of the Council of Ministers [2019-20]

- President of the Degree Course IngIndustrial engineering atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma President of the Degree Course IngIndustrial engineering atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma [-2014 17]

He is the author of 8 volumes (of which 5 in lingua inglese) and over 250 national and international publications on topics related to the control of complex systems, the resilience of critical infrastructures, Homeland Security and Cyber ​​security with a specific focus on what concerns Operational Technologies.

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Luca Vollero
Associate professor

Luca Vollero he graduated from IngTelecommunications engineering at the Federico II University of Naples in 2001. At the same University he obtained a PhD in 2005 IngIT and automatic engineering. In 2004 it was "visiting student" at the "Departamento de IngTelematics Engineering" of the University Carlos III of Madrid (SPAIN). In 2005 he held the position of researcher at the laboratories of the CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) in Naples. From September 2005 to January 2006 he held the role of researcher at the NEC Europe laboratories in Heidelber (GERMANY). Since July 2006, Luca has been a researcher atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

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