The Bootcamp is an international project started in 2019 in Cambridge: it is a full-immersion experience of learninging by doing together

We wanted to create an intensive program of lectures, labs, and project work to acquire technical skills and soft skills in an international and stimulateding environment for a memorable learning experience. In addition to effectively widening the international course offersing of our institution, the Bootcamp enhances collaborations and bridges the gap between university and industry with a full program of practical activities that allow you to learning by doing. 

It is designed in collaboration between academics and professionals to deliver a highly experiential course entirely built with a problem-based-learning approach: hard skills are taught in order to solve specific case studies and the program is integrated with transferable skills training to support teamwork and achieve goals together. 

Every year we focus on different cutsing-edge technology and each edition has a special focus within Industry 4.0: data science (2019 Edition), artificial intelligence (2020 Edition), sustainability (2021 Edition), and digital twin technology (2022 Edition)

The Bootcamp 2023 Edition will explore IoT and AI for Sustainable Global Health and Wellbeinging.


Watch the highlight videos of all the editions: