Researchers' Night is an initiative promoted by European Commission since 2005 involving every year thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries. The goal is to create occasions of encounter between researchers and citizens per spread scientific culture and knowledge of the research professions in an informal and stimulating context. Events include live science experiments and demonstrations, educational seminars, shows and concerts. The Bio-Medical Campus, in partnership with Frascati Science (which brings together around 50 scientific realities), is organizing the September 2023 edition, which will be held in the evening of the 29th. 

The evening will be opened by a convention where it will come presented the children's book "21 NOBEL FOR ITALY" in which nine middle school kids wonder what to do when they grow up, looking for inspiration in the stories of the twenty-one Italians who received the most prestigious award. The presentation will be moderated by a science journalist ed some authors of the book and authoritative exponents of the scientific community will intervene. The presentation of some research projects of the 3 Faculties of the Campus where it will be possible meet the researchers involved to better understand the challenges faced by our scientific community. I am numerous practical-demonstrative activities are also planned.

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