Loss of University Badges or Booklets

In case of loss of University Badges or Booklets, send an email to the Student Secretariat. It is possible to obtain a duplicate by paying the late payment established by University Decree.

Password Reset

For problems accessing your inbox or accessing the e-learn platforming contact the University Information Systems Office ([email protected].)

For problems accessing the Esse3 platform, send an email to the Student Secretariat.

Proficiency exams and verbalization of results

All appeals with related deadlines can be consulted on the Appeals Noticeboard on Esse3 Appeals Noticeboard, UNICAMPUS University. Registration for an exam must be done within five days prior to the official date of the appeal through the personal page of Esse3. The request to register for the exam after the indicated deadline cannot be accepted. The verbalization of the results takes place in the presence of the student, the student must have his/her paper booklet with him. Recording is only possible if the student has correctly registered for the exam.

For further clarifications, consult the Student Secretariat page.

Final tests and graduation sessions

The qualification is awarded upon passing a final test, the methods of carrying out which, normally linked to the presentation by the student of a written paper, are regulated in the Teaching Regulations of the Study Course (Statute and Regulations - UCBM (unicampus.it)

Transfer out

The transfer request can be submitted by students to the Student Secretariat from 1 September to 31 December. The transcription fee payable by students who transfer to another University amounts to €70,00.

Under no circumstances will it be permitted to request a transfer during the 1st year.

For more information, see the page Student Secretariat - UCBM (unicampus.it) or contact the Student Secretariat.