Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate

3-year programme in Engineering designed in collaboration with the Medicine Department.

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3-year programme in Engineering designed in collaboration with the Medicine Department


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The Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Course is entirely taught in English and is designed to train professionals able to function in various rapidly evolving fields in Biomedical Engineering.

The Degree Course uses engineering principles and technologies to describe, understand and solve problems in the fields of medicine and biology. The curriculum has been developed through close collaboration between the Departmental Faculties of Engineering and Medicine and Surgery of our University.


  • At the core of the course lay the fundamentals of engineering such as electronics, transport phenomena and measurements. In addition, we provide a solid foundation in mathematics and basic sciences whilst also providing some basic medical knowledge, such as Physiology and Anatomy.
  • These teachings are complemented by specific bio-engineering skills such as bioengineering and biomechanics courses, software tools  for analysis of physiological data and specific training for for developing  wearable devices.
  • Some of our teachings are delivered alongside Medical students to favour and encourage disciplinary cross-contamination.
  • Throughout the course students acquire the tools and methodologies necessary to solve complex bio-engineering problems.
  • In addition, there is a focus on humanities for bioengineering essential for understanding and developing new technologies for bio-medical applications.
  • We aim at training well-rounded professionals  able to solve problems and develop new technologies in bioengineering.

>> This three-year Degree will prepare students to fill a variety of roles in the Biomedical sector at junior level, such as designer or product of medical devices and diagnostic systems. They will also be prepared to work in companies and hospitals for the clinical engineering service  with focus on risk analysis and health and safety procedures of medical devices.

“We are committed to guiding our students from admissions to graduation day step by step.”

Course Director:
Professor Emiliano Schena


I Year 

Mathematics; Chemistry; General Physics; Economics and Management; General English/Italian; Physiology and Anatomy; Fundamentals of Computer Science; Humanities for Bioengineering (Module of "The History of Biomedical Engineering in twelve Machines").

II Year 

Advanced Physics; Mathematics II; Probability and Statistics; Healthcare Information Systems and Telemedicine; Electronics and Electrotechnics; Mechanics of Solids; Transport Phenomena and Thermodynamics; Technical English/Italian; Humanities for Bioengineering (module of "Fundamentals of Anthropology and Ethics").

III Year 

Biomedical Signal Processing; Automatic Control; Biomechanics; Fundamentals of Bioengineering;  Measurements and Instrumentation in Biomedical Engineering and Standards for Medical Devices; Humanities for Bioengineering (module of "Philosophy of Science, Human Development, and Technology"); 2 additional elective courses.