Medicine and Surgery 'MedTech'

6-year programme designed to integrate Medicine and Biomedical Engineering


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6-year programme designed to integrate Medicine and Biomedical Engineering


60 PLACES (40 for EU students, 20 for non-EU students)



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Technology today is pervasive in every field, especially in medicine.
This course is a direct response to the job markets’ needs for highly skilled Med Tech professionals in research and industry.
Medical professionals need to acquire knowledge of a wide range of medical technology, from pacemakers to prosthetics, from imaging to big data.

We offer an innovative MD course with a 6-year programme entirely delivered in English designed to integrate clinical and engineering expertise.
With this course we want to train future doctors with a solid hard science background and strong skills in applied biomedical technologies.
This Medical Degree gives full access to any Residency School and it gives a competitive advantage for programs where technology is a key component. At the end of the MD course students are eligible to receive a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering with 30 additional ECTS credits.



  • This is a highly demanding course which opens up many career opportunities across numerous medical fields.
  • It offers a unique opportunity to integrate different knowledge and skills in medicine with engineering.
  • In addition to the medical curriculum, students will acquire know-how in a variety of technical fields: artificial intelligence, big data, tissue engineering, biomaterials and bioprinting, nanotechnologies, electronics, biomedical and surgical robotics, virtual and augmented reality.
  • Some of our classes are shared with Engineering students to encourage cross-fertilisation.
  • The integrated approach will enhance the physician's ability to identify new technological needs and contribute to device development.

    “We are committed to guiding our students 

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Course Director:
Professor Giovanni Di Pino (MD/PhD in Biomedical Engineering)