Medicina e Chirurgia

This Medical Degree Programme is entirely taught in Italian.

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What is the Medical Degree programme?

The single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery lasts for six years and involves the acquisition of 360 university study credits (CFUs) in total leading to the award of the Medical Degree. Attendance is compulsory. The purpose of this single-cycle Degree Programme is to provide advanced training and high level qualifications in order to exercise the medical profession.

The programme is divided into two parts:

  1. During the first two years there is a focus on theoretical disciplines relating to basic sciences, clinical sciences and humanities (anthropology, ethics and bioethics).

  2. Starting from the third year, whilst continuing their regular studies, Medicine and Surgery students begin clinical internships at our Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and other partner facilities and clinics. Students are constantly supported by a tutor. 

This Medical Degree Programme is entirely taught in Italian. We also offer an English-taught Medicine and Surgery Degree Programme.

Aims and characteristics

  • The Medicine and Surgery Degree Programme aims to train professionals with solid scientific skills and the human and cultural maturity necessary to respond to patients’ needs and expectations
  • Students can customise their study plan for a total of 14 CFU (credits)
  • Elective activities of particular interest can be included in the study plan such as seminars, monographic courses, participation in conferences and congresses, voluntary work, clinical and laboratory internships in Italy and abroad, etc.
  • Personal tutors are available to advise and guide the student in classroom learning activities and in preparing for exams
  • Clinical internships starting from the third year at the University Hospital on our campus
  • Three years after graduation, 84.4% of UCBM students enter graduate schools, well-above average (compared with a national average of 77.9%).

Course Director:
Prof. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro