Patents and Spin-Offs

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Patent Portfolio owned by, or in joint ownership with, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

  • A bioactive material for use in the regeneration of cartilage and a process for the obtainment thereof
    Inventors: M. Centola, V. Denaro, A. Marsano*, I. Martin*, A. Rainer, M. Trombetta, G. Vadalà; co-ownership with Universitatsspital Basel
  • A device for subcutaneous administration
    Inventors: E. Cordelli, L. Francini, S. Manfrini, V. Piemonte, R. Sicilia, P. Soda
    A device for subcutaneous administration of a medication, particularly suitable in the case of insulin administration in diabetic subjects.
    The device allows an adequate and controlled injection and avoids the occurrence of lipodystrophy.
  • Adipose tissue purification technique to obtain high concentration of adipose stem cells
    Inventors: C. Gregorj, G. F. Marangi, F. Pantano, P. Persichetti, F. Segreto, M.C. Tirindelli
  • Apparatus and control method of a robotic manipulator
    Inventors: F. Cordella, P. Larizza*, C. Lauretti, L. Zollo; co-ownership with MASMEC SpA
  • A tactile sensor device
    Inventors: J. D’Abbraccio, L. Massari, C. M. Oddo, E. Palermo, E. Schena, E. Sinibaldi, G. Terruso, M. Zaltieri; co-ownership with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Sapienza Università di Roma, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
  • Device for sampling food products
    Inventors: M. Dachà, A. D’Amico, G. Pennazza, M. Santonico, A. Zompanti
  • Device for the sampling of the eye surface by imprinting
    Inventors: B. Balzamino, I. Ghezzi, A. Micera, R. Sgrulletta, L. Zollo; co-ownership with Fondazione G. B. Bietti
  • Gradual compression medical device for supporting and optimizing the cutaneous scar
    Inventors: C. Falcinelli, S. Filippi, A. Gizzi, G. Marangi, P. Persichetti, F. Segreto
  • Innovative functionalization on liquid phase sensors for the detection of bioactive lipids
    Inventors: T. Bisogno, S. Grasso, M. Maccarrone, G. Pennazza, M. Santonico; co-ownership with CNR
  • Method for measuring the slipping between two surfaces
    Inventors: E. Guglielmelli, R. Romeo, L. Zollo; co-ownership with INAIL
  • Method for positioning receptors for sensory stimuli, a device obtained by said method and apparatuses comprising said device
    Inventors: L. Beccai, M. C. Carrozza, E. Guglielmelli, C. Oddo, R. Romeo, L. Zollo; co-ownership with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
  • Method for the early diagnosis of the pancreatic adenocarcinoma
    Inventors: D. Caputo, G. Caracciolo, R. Coppola, L. Digiacomo, S. Palchetti, D. Pozzi; co-ownership with Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Pneumopipe – Auxiliary device for collection and sampling of exhaled air
    Inventors: R. Antonelli Incalzi, A. D’Amico, G. Pennazza, M. Petriaggi, M. Santonico
  • Porous material for the inclusion of cytologic preparations, process for obtaining the same and its use
    Inventors: M. Costantini, A. Crescenzi, P. Mozetic, A. Rainer, A. Santoro, C. Taffon, M. Trombetta; co-ownership with UCS Diagnostic srl
  • Predictive analysis of endometrial cancer risk
    Inventors: R. Angioli, S. Capriglione, C. De Cicco, D. Luvero, R. Montera, F. Plotti, C. Terranova
  • Robotic device for assistance and rehabilitation of lower limbs
    Inventors: D. Accoto, G. Carpino, M. Di Palo, S. Galzerano, E. Guglielmelli, F. Sergi, N. L. Tagliamonte
  • Robotic joint for prosthetic articulation
    Inventors: L. Bramato, G. Carpino, D. Simonetti, L. Zollo; co-ownership with INAIL
  • Statistical methods for the identification of regions of the genome that are highly representative of the tumor mutational burden
    Inventors: P. Manca, A. Napolitano, F. Pantano, D. Santini, G. Tonini
  • A bioactive material for the regeneration of cartilage and process for the obtainement thereof (IT1411615, WO2013IB54372)
    Inventors: M. Centola, V.Denaro, A. Marsano, I. Martini, A. Rainer, M. Trombetta, G. Vadalà; co-owners:Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma with Universitatsspital Basel
  • Adipose tissue purification technique to obtain high concentration of adipose stem cells (IT102017000003805)
    Inventors: P. Persichetti, G. F. Marangi, F. Segreto F. Pantano, M.C. Tirindelli, C. Gregorj
  • A sampling device for the ocular surface based on imprinting (IT102015000008750, WO2016147122)
    Inventors: A. Micera, L. Zollo, B. Balzamino, I. Ghezzi, R. Sgrulletta. Co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Fondazione G. B. Bietti
  • Apparatus and method for videorhinohygrometric (vri) measures (EP2010054, US2009221927)
    Inventors: F. Salvinelli, R. Setola, M. Casale, P. Soda, V. Cusimano
  • Coronary shunt positioner (IT1410043) 
    Inventor: E. Covino; co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Assut Europe SpA
  • Device and method for controlled adhesion upon moist substrate (IT1409811; EP2806817, US 20140353158, WO2013111076)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, C. Esposito, M. T. Francomano
  • Device for sampling food products (IT0001416505, EP2962098, WO2014132185)
    Inventors: G. Pennazza, M. Santonico, A. Zompanti, M. Dachà, A. D’Amico
  • Diagnostic method of pancreas cancer based on the determination of mutations of K-RAS gene (IT0001417084)
    Inventors: A. Onetti Muda, G. Perrone
  • Haptic interface module (IT1399399)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, E. Cecchini, E. Guglielmelli
  • Locomotion device for endoscopic applications and related methods (IT1397408, US20130324796)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, S. Passanisi
  • Method for the fabrication of cell-laden constructs based on thermosensitive hydrogels (IT102015000020718) 
    Inventors: V. Chiono, P. Mozetic, S. M. Giannitelli, A. Rainer, M. Trombetta, M. Boffito E. Gioffredi, S. Sartori. co-owners: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and  Politecnico di Torino
  • Method of measurement of the slippage between two surfaces (IT102016000105302)
    Inventors: R. Romeo, L. Zollo, E. Guglielmelli. Joint ownership with INAIL
  • Pneumopipe - Auxiliary device for collection and sampling of exhaled air (EP2641537)
    Inventors: G. Pennazza, M.Santonico, A. D’Amico, R. Antonelli Incalzi, M. Petriaggi
  • Porous material for the inclusion of cytology preparations, process for obtaining the material and its applications (IT102016000111352)
    Inventors: A. Crescenzi, M. Trombetta, C. Taffon, A. Rainer, P. Mozetic, M. Costantini, A. Santoro. Joint ownership with UCS Diagnostic srl
  • Positioning method of receptors for sensory input, device obtained by this method and apparatus comprising said device (IT102016000076248)
    Inventors: C. Oddo, R. Romeo, L. Zollo, L. Beccai, E. Guglielmelli, M. Chiara Carrozza. Joint ownership with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.
  • Robotic device for assistance and rehabilitation of lower limbs (IT1414072, EP2906172, US2015272809, SG11201502765W, CA2887671, CN104812352, IL238211 Israele, MX2015004478 Messico, KR20150077439, WO2014057410)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, G. Carpino, M. Di Palo, S. Galzerano, E. Guglielmelli, F. Sergi, N. L. Tagliamonte
  • Sodium 2 -Mercaptoethane Sulfonate for use in the treatment of lumbar pain (IT1402161, EP2629768, WO2012052888)
    Inventors:  F.E. Agrò, M. Carassiti, V. Denaro, A.C. Di Martino
  • System for the estimation of cardiac output (IT1408989, WO2013084159, EP20120815801)
    Inventors: M. Carassiti, S. Cecchini, E. Schena, S. Silvestri
  • Upper limb movement therapy device (IT1388838)
    Inventors: D. Accoto, E. Cecchini, E. Guglielmelli, M. Orsini, F. Torchiani, L. Zollo

Spin-Off companies accredited by Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

  • Biomedical Research in Otolaryngology srl (B.R.I.O)
    BRIO produces and distributes innovative biomedical devices for the healthcare sector. In particular, the company is involved in the distribution of an innovative device for otolaryngology, manually operable, dispensing substances in the form of aerosol.
  • BPCO media srl (
    BPCO media deals with telemedicine and medical diagnostics research. Its innovative medical device allows patients to monitor their health state and detect the onset of flare-ups and critical clinical situations. It highlights prognostic symptoms that patients are not able to perceive and prompts them to contact their doctor in order to receive an early treatment and avoid potential dangerous situations before symptoms appear.
  • Brain Innovations srl (
    In Parkinson’s disease management, today there are 3 main problems, misdiagnosis, symptoms monitoring and therapy management. The solution proposed by PD Innovations is a complete solution that addresses all the needs of Parkinson’s disease patients with the following instruments:
    - Answer to PD - Diagnosis device
    - Answer to PD - Symptoms monitoring device
    - PD Assistant - Oral Therapy device
    - PD Assistant - Infusional Therapy devic
  • Epiclick srl (
    Epiclick aims at contributing to the prevention of melanoma by using modern technologies: by exploiting the immediacy of the information technology and through the joint use of epiluminescence and the best telematic tools, it allows early remote diagnosis of melanoma, avoiding long waiting lists of public service. 
    Wearable health monitoring system that enables continuous, real-time detection, storage, and interpretation of vital physiologic parameters. As delivery of health care continues to focus on wellness solutions beyond healthcare facilities, the technology brings the comprehensive monitoring found in hospital rooms to the comfort of one’s home.
  • ICan Robotics srl (
    ICan Robotics is an innovative start-up company, founded in September 2014, active in the field of biomedical robotics, developing technologies for rehabilitation and physical assistance for patients with neurological, orthopedic or age-induced conditions. ICan robotics develops innovative and user-friendly products, which can be used not only in healthcare facilities, but also at patients’ abodes, for the benefit of the quality of life of patients and their caregivers.
  • Winged srl
    WINGED proposes to create technological platforms for the recycling of food waste, in the logic of integrated biorefinery for the production of energy, biofuels and organic compounds for fine chemicals. The project giving it its name (WINe GrEen Distillery) concerns the realization of a technological system for the valorisation of wine processing waste in order to produce high added value products, such as fine chemicals and nutraceuticals, and green energy.
  • ICAN Robotics srl (
    Develops and markets robotic systems for rehabilitation.
  • JUMPO srl(
    Jumpo intends to carry out professional technology solutions for fitness and sport based on wearable sensors that make physical activity more fun and engaging for the user. Technology also allows the system to be applied in other areas such as recovery and rehabilitation.
    The company received start-up funding for its innovative activity from INVITALIA under the national program for innovative start-ups.