Research Organization

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An integrated system for the promotion of scientific research

The functions of promotion, development and administrative-financial management of research activities are carried out by an organizational structure supporting the Department Faculties, the Center for Integrated Research (CIR). The CIR Head is the Prorector for Research.

Research Administrative Area of University General Management ensures services to researchers from the technical and administrative point of view.

CIR, through the Research Administrative Area, ensures the proper management of funds for research activities, publications and scientific collaborations. It guarantees as well the correct execution of human experimentation from the point of view of regulations, Good Clinical Practice and respect of the Joint Commission International’s standards.  CIR’s scope includes the possibility of constituting and financing research Units, Groups and Programs open to the participation of scholars and researchers from both national, EU and international research and cultural university institutions.

CIR strategic, management and organizational activities are supervised by the Academic Research Board, chaired by the Prorector for Research and composed of the Cooordinators of Research of the Departments and the head of the Research Administrative Area.