Volunteer Activities

Local volunteer activities

During the course of the year, students and lecturers at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome are engaged in numerous volunteer activities both within the University Hospital and in the Trigoria district where the University is located, providing assistance to the elderly and children.

Voluntary activities involve students, teachers and employees of the University in favour of vulnerable people such as the sick, the elderly, the marginalised, the immigrants, the prisoners, the victims of natural disasters and the poor. The initiatives take place outside class hours for students and outside working hoursfor employees. They are promoted directly by UCBM together with local businesses, institutions and third parties who share the same goals and objectives.

The main voluntary activities are aimed at supporting the patients of the University Hospital, the children hosted by CasAmica and the people in need of assistance in the district of Trigoria. The activities are supported by the CUSV Committee formed by professors, employees and students, recognising the strategic value of university development cooperation and volunteering as key aspects of the mission and values of UCBM.