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70% lessons


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The Beauty Recovery Specialist (BRS) Advanced Training Course is promoted byUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (Complex Operational Unit of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Institute of Philosophy of Scientific and Technological Action), in collaboration with Confcommercio Lazio Sud. It also makes use of the technical support of Ripar Cosmetici and the contribution of Tricostarc.

Recipients and access requirements

The course is mainly aimed at beauticians in possession of the qualification diploma according to law n.1 of 4 January 1990. The scientific committee may also evaluate the participation of beauticians in possession of the second year qualification diploma or other professionals from sectors related to the course.

Educational objectives

The Advanced Training Course in Beauty Recovery Specialist aims at perfecting the theoretical-practical skills of operators in the sector already in possession of the Qualification of Beautician. Participants will be able to operate in the new area of ​​services for beauty and psychophysical well-being through a highly professional path.

The specialist operator will be able to act with specific skills and competences in the recovery phase of the patient's aesthetic morphology after particularly traumatic surgical interventions, as a support not only strictly surgical but also psychological for the person with debilitating pathologies.

The training course aims to define a new highly qualified professional figure, the hospital beautician, able to support the doctor and operate in the reference structures, with particular attention to cancer patients.

Final profile

The beauty sector offers interesting job opportunities. The main career opportunities of the course are as follows:

  • Aesthetic assistant to the plastic surgeon
  • Assistant, within hospital structures, in the physical and psychological care of long-term patients
  • Beautician, operator of the sector in medical centres, spas and beauty farms
  • Aesthetic operator with a highly specialized professional curriculum, suitable for operating in the field of aesthetic care of the elderly within the appropriate reception facilities.

Didactic structure and thematic areas

The program is divided into 10 different thematic modules distributed over 24 training days. The teachers of the course are mainly internal doctors of theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and experts in the cosmetology industry. Lessons will mainly take place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

  • Module 1: Marketing - Principles of the marketing and the organization of a beauty centre. The importance of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and the web marketing.
  • Module 2: Forensic medicine, anthropology and ethics - Bases of forensic medicine related to the exercise of health and aesthetic professions. Basics of anthropology and ethics of aesthetic care.
  • Module 3: Anatomy, Hygiene, Dermatology - Main aspects of anatomy. Notions of hygiene and dermatology.
  • Module 4: Food Science, Cosmeceutics, Psychology - Fundamental notions on nutrition and cosmeceutics bases. Fundamentals of psychology and professional ethics to manage the relationship with clients who have undergone particularly traumatic surgical interventions.
  • Module 5: Bio-medical devices - Characteristics and use of the main biomedical devices, indispensable as professional supports for the doctor in post-treatment management. The role of the beautician in support of the laser doctor.
  • Module 6-7: Cosmetology - Use of cosmetics and beauty treatments and identification, on the basis of acquired skills, of specific treatments functional to customer needs. Main techniques of aesthetics, make-up and pre and post plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery treatments.
  • Module 8: Tricocosmeceutics - Counseling trichology with evaluation of the resolution of all the blemishes caused by chemotherapy. Technical consultancy for the use of wigs and related maintenance. Regeneration and reconstruction of the crown.
  • Module 9: Camouflage make-up - Main camouflage make-up techniques and methods for hiding skin imperfections.
  • Module 10: Dermopigmentation - Main semi-permanent make-up techniques.

Method of admission

The application for admission must be received no later than 20 December 2019 and requires:

  • sending an email to the address [email protected], attaching your curriculum vitae
  • payment of the admission fee of €50,00

The selection will be made through curricular evaluation and motivational interview.

The training course has a registration fee of € 2.500,00 (VAT exempt) to be divided into the following two installments:

- €1.500,00 by the start date of the lessons

- €1.000,00 by 30 April 2020

Reduced rates are provided for members of partner institutions.

All payments, including the one relating to the admission application, must be made to the bank current account held in the name of:

Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma


IBAN: IT34T0311103253000000099779

Reason: Name and surname of the participant, BRS course


Participants will have the opportunity to attend practical demonstrations and to carry out an intense training activity with a free make-up, camouflage and trichocosmeceutical service for the patients of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital. Thanks to this experience, guided by industry experts, participants will be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the lessons, interacting directly with patients.


Compulsory attendance of at least 70% of the total teaching hours is required to obtain the certificate.