• 10, 11 and 12 October 2023 Edition V
  • 20, 21 and 22 February 2024 Edition VI
  • 22, 23 and 24 October 2024 Edition VII

Frequency mode

The course will take place in streaming via Zoom platform.

Recipients and access requirements

The course is aimed at executives and officers of private companies and public bodies who intend to understand the potential of OSINT.

Are you an employee of the Public Administration?

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Public Administration of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as part of the PA 110 cum laude initiative aimed at strengthening the knowledge and skills of public personnel. Public Administration employees have UCBM post-graduate courses, masters and specialization courses available at a discounted price. Furthermore, the Department of Public Function may provide for a refund of part of the fee paid.

Educational objectives

The course offers an insight into how to acquire, manage and extract information from open sources. The path, with an approach based on learning by doing, provides the methodological skills to break down a question, plan and execute the process of gathering, analyzing and producing information, as well as providing indications on the main tools that allow carrying out an effective OSINT activity in the corporate environment.

Course program

The topics covered during the course are the following:

  • Strategic importance of OSINT
  • Risks related to the search for information
  • Research methodologies and strategies
  • Search safely: anonymity and privacy
  • Browsers and search engines: what they are and how to exploit them
  • The importance of social networks in the search for information
  • Retrieve information from the past
  • Research support tools
  • Information analysis tools:
    > the evaluation of the sources
    > the structure of the OSINT report
  • Overview of the types of activities that OSINT can support

Scientific Direction


Prof. Roberto Setola - Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma



Dr. Mirko Lapi
- Intelligence expert

International Prizes

Participation in the course allows the recognition of 1 credit.

Title awarded

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.

How to register

To register you must send an email to [email protected].

Cost of the course

Participation fee: € 800,00.

There is a discounted rate for students and former students of the Homeland Security Master, equal to € 400,00.

Partner entities

With the collaboration of: