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The basic course in Clinical Ultrasound, accredited by the Italian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (SIUMB), has the objective of enabling participants to acquire the technique and theoretical background necessary to distinguishingtrue normal pictures from pathological pictures. Clinical cases will be discussed from the indication of the ultrasound examination to the diagnostic clarification and, when possible, the follow-up of the pathology. Attendance at the course will be integrated with theoretical teaching material which includes the delivery of the SIUMB syllabus and the possibility of following pre-recorded lessons (Fundamentals of Ultrasonology and indications for ultrasound examination; anatomy of the main body districts and identification of pathological conditions).

Recipients and access requirements

The course is aimed at those who have a degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Educational objectives

Clinical documentation, clinical-assistance, diagnostic and rehabilitative pathways, assistance profiles, care profiles. Topics covered: ultrasound of the abdomen with particular reference to hepato-biliary pathological conditions, ultrasound of the neck (thyroid), outline of: ultrasound of the main vascular districts (neck, arterial and venous axis of the lower limbs), thoracic ultrasound, interventional ultrasound ( liver biopsy), contrast-enhanced ultrasound.

Didactic structure and methods of attendance

The course has a duration of 4 weeks which includes:

  • coaching at the ultrasound clinics of the Hepatology Unit, Radiology Unit and Geriatrics Unit
  • direct practice at the same clinics

Attendance at the clinics will be organized according to weekly programs to be agreed with the tutors.

Title awarded

Certificate of Practical Competence in Basic Ultrasound SIUMB

How to register

Registrations will be accepted at all times of the year according to availability provided by the secretariat. To register you must send an email to: [email protected]

The course has an enrollment fee of €1.500,00* (VAT exempt)

* A reduced rate of €1.000 will be applied to post-graduate students and SIUMB members. To participate in the course it is mandatory, in order to obtain the suitability judgment, to carry out blood tests and visit the occupational doctor.