March 2014 - TheUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, in collaboration with the Perseo Consortium, has set up 8 Qualification Courses for Social Health Operators (OSS), authorized by the Lazio Region. The courses will be held in various regional locations.

Who is the health care worker?

It is a professional figure established by the State-Regions Conference with the agreement of 22 February 2001. Its task is to carry out activities that help people to satisfy their basic needs, aimed at recovering, maintaining and developing the level of well-being, promoting their autonomy and self-determination.

Professional outlets

The work environment of the OSS concerns both health structures (hospitals, clinics, local health authorities, public and private health service providers) and social structures (integrated day centres, rest homes, home assistance, recovery communities, family homes, community accommodation); the socio-medical operator therefore collaborates in his working environment with professionals in the social area (social workers, educators) and in the health area (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.).

Duration of the course

1000 hours divided into:

550 hours of theory

300 hours of healthcare internship

150 hours of internship in the social field

Starting courses and local offices





Cost of the course

€ 2.800,00