Good morning,

on behalf of the Government and the Ministry of Health, greetings eringI appreciate the invitation to the President ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma ing. Carlo Tosti, the Magnificent Rector prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli and the CEO and General Manager, Andrea Rossi.

I greet all the authorities present; the Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, prof. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, and Sami Modiano who ringI appreciate his lectio magistralis which he will give and which unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

I greet the Academic Senate, the teaching staff, the researchers and the technical-administrative staff. I greet the President of the Student Council Chiara Surace and all the guests.

Dear students, dear students,

the inauguration of an Academic Year is an occasion full of meaning for the academic community and for the social fabric of reference: as in the development of concentric circles, it goes beyond local borders to touch the national and international dimension.

This is even more true in a reality like the Campus Biomedico University of Rome, which has the vocation of promoting knowledge in every area relating to the global well-being of the person and which aims decisively at the growth of internationalisation. I will simply mention the presence, among those enrolled, of students from 32 countries.

A constantly growing University, with almost 3 thousand current members, increased by almost 60% since 2018 and which expects to reach 4 thousand in 2027.

And again, a reality that produces interdisciplinary research of great importance, thanks to the close collaboration between doctors, biologists, chemists, physicists and ingegneri, in synergy with the Campus Bio-Medico University Polyclinic Foundation.

The university system has a central role in developing the skills necessary to face increasingly complex challenges. Skills that today can increasingly make use of innovation and technological transfer. And which must fall within the One Health perspective, an indispensable framework in which to consider the issues of health and sustainability, since it is not possible to conceive human health independently from animal health and the environment that surrounds us.

Education and research are decisive factors for the future of our care capacity and their quality is a determining factor.

It is therefore of great importance that this University has entered the ranking THE-Times Higher Education 2024, positioning itself in the first quartile, globally, of the general ranking.

Just as it is important to remember that this University boasts a 29% success rate in participation in competitive research calls.

Research is a fundamental asset for the Ministry of Health in which we are investing heavily also through the PNRR. In this regard, I like to remember that theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma participates, with more than 50 other associated entities, in the PerfeTTO project - co-financed by the Ministry of Health with PNC and PNRR resources - which aims to create a network of technology transfer centers in the field of Life Sciences.

I am also thinking of the commitment to research into precision, predictive and personalized medicine, particularly in the oncology field; to research on early diagnosis and innovative therapies for dementia and neurodegenerative diseases, with the major project on the Integrated Center for Alzheimer's; and again, research on degenerative diseases and regenerative medicine in the orthopedic field.

At the beginning of an academic year, it is right to look at the excellence that our university system expresses, but it is also a duty to continue to ask ourselves what our young people need to face any difficulties that may arise on their path to also implement possible solutions.

I reiterate this in this University, which was among the first in Italy, 30 years ago, to establish the Diploma in Nursing Sciences which has now become a Degree Course: the Ministry of Health is spending all its efforts to support our young people in choosing study paths , aiming to enhance the medical and nursing profession. Both from an economic and organizational point of view.

We are investing decisively in healthcare. The level of the National Health Fund has never reached such high figures. We are using all the tools at our disposal to guarantee a healthcare system that is increasingly suited to the citizens' right demand for health and we are doing so with measures aimed at reducing waiting lists, eliminating the use of paid doctors, strengthening territorial assistance. A great effort, however, which requires everyone's contribution.

The mission of the University is to integrate knowledge and also to nourish it with links between generations. For this reason, the testimony of Sami Modiano is precious, as he opposed a culture of death by going through concentration camps and who today reminds us of the founding values ​​of the community: protection of life, respect, inclusion, humanitarian commitment, and these I believe they are also and above all the basis of the medical profession.

It is from these values ​​that all of you, dear students, must draw the inspiration to build your future, which will be the future of Italy and its healthcare system, founded on the principles of universality and equity.

To you who have chosen this path, I say: follow it with commitment, confidence and courage.

Happy Academic Year and happy 30th anniversary at the Bio-Medico Campus.

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