Events UCBM for the care of the future of our planet

15 September 2021 - The European Researchers' Night organized by Frascati Scienza returns again this year, scheduled for 24 September. LEAF, acronym for “heal the planet's Future”, is the red thread that unites all the scheduled events including those organized by our University with the Departmental Faculties of Ingengineering and Sciences and Technologies for Man and the Environment.

From 17 on 24 September UCBM will open the doors of its research laboratories to all those interested in participating in experimental and demonstration activities in the field ingengineering, food sciences and agri-food supply chain management.

Innovations ingengineering applied in medicine

It ranges from the experimentation of wearable systems for monitoring physiological parameters, fundamental in the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways of some pathologies as well as in sports, to the possibility of 'knowing' the collaborative robot supporting healthcare workers in hospital. Not only that, the researchers UCBM they will show i first prototypes of hand prostheses in 3D printing and application examples of Nanotechnology in the biomedical field, such as the development of devices capable of simulating the behavior of organs (organ-on-a-chip).

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Enhancement of food and waste products

It will be possible to find out the antioxidant power of some foods through chemical analysis and see how some work sensors with discriminative capabilities for studying products such as orange juice and coffee. Participants will still discover the potential of natural molecules through theextraction of bioactive compounds from waste products of food chains using green solvents, with a view to reuse and low environmental impact in support of the circular economy. 

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