UCBM, among the partners, will present 6 events

20th November 2020 – EARTH, earth, is the acronym of EnHance Resilience Through Humanity, the theme chosen for the European Researchers' Night 2020, for accessible science capable of generating awareness of what is happening to the planet and the tools available to combat climate change. To organize the initiative, which UCBM takes part with 6 events from its 3 Departmental Faculties, Frascati Science, an association of scientists, research institutes and universities, which aims to stimulate curiosity, bring young people closer to the world of science and facilitate communication between researchers and citizens. A communication severely tested today by the Covid-19. "Never before in this disastrous year, citizens need to understand and believe in research and its protagonists" says Matteo Martini, president of Frascati Scienza. In fact, due to the global health emergency, the appointment will be exclusively online November 27, 2020, with open and free access. 

It will be possible to follow the event on Zoom with the following participation link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85487725406, unique for all 6 live appointments 12.00 - 17.30.

All events UCBM:

I EVENT: MakeToCare - Patient innovation in Italy with Sanofi 12,00-hour 13,00  > Read the schedule

II EVENT: sPeach.D. 13,15-hour 14,25 > Read the schedule

III EVENT: Resilience, simple future. 14,30-hour 15,15 > Read the schedule

IV EVENT: Circular economy for the resilience of production systems. 15,30-hour 16,00 > Read the schedule

V EVENT: Resilience in climate change and food security. 16,10-hour 16,50 > Read the schedule

VI EVENT: Codeing girls@UCBM. Resilience, feminine plural con Digital World Foundation. 17,00 hours -17,30 > Read the schedule