As part of the training program Italy's ambition for cybersecurity, promoted by Fondazione Mondo DigitaleMicrosoft Italy, in partnership with theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, 80 upper secondary school students participated in the final challenge "Hacker vs. Hacker" to learn how to defend yourself from simple, but effective, hacker attacks.

University professors and cybersecurity experts from the corporate world spoke, highlighting that it is necessary to start from the "human factor" to manage the sudden technological evolution. A marathon on IT security but also a precious opportunity for discussion and reflection on the speed of progress and how to govern it to guarantee the well-being of the person. Among the topics of the introductory round table: the progress recorded in terms of the culture of digitalisation and IT security in Italy, which is rising from the bottom of the European rankings thanks to the increase in the computerization of public services, training programs in schools and in universities, to reduce the gender gap.  

"Cybersecurity is the pinnacle of lateral thinking that teaches us to think outside the box, synonymous with curiosity that must always be fueled" said the teacher. Roberto Setola, Ordinary of Automatica and Director of Masters in Homeland Security UCBM, addressed these words to young people who have the desire to undertake a degree in ingengineering.

Mirta Michilli, General Director of the Digital World Foundation, highlighted in her speech how "With Microsoft we are translating complex themes and concepts to make them accessible to citizens but above all to the vulnerable, to male and female students. Paths that connect universities, schools and businesses, to allow students to make informed choices".

Cybersecurity and personal dignity are strongly linked in this sense, "This is why the topic interests us so much, it is part of our mission of attention and care for human beings. Furthermore, the university is in continuous dialogue with the territory, in an embrace of society", has explained Andrea Rossi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager UCBM.