On Saturday 27 January the world celebrates Memorial Day, 79th year since the liberation of Auschwitz and symbol of the liberation of all the Nazi concentration camps. For the occasion, TG5 presents the special in the late evening "Memory, now more than ever" with protagonists Samuel Modiano e Edith Bruck, extraordinary witnesses who dedicated their lives to telling the story of the Holocaust to the new generations.

To the special signed by Roberto Olla, Edited by Claudius Fig, also participate Richard DiSegni, doctor, Chief Rabbi of Rome, and the teacher. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, which last December 6th awarded an honorary degree to Modiano. An award given for humanitarian and social merit: "The promotion of the value of life and a profound reflection on suffering and its causes, which are at the center of Sami's message, represent the fulcrum of the path that leads to training in the practice of the medical profession." said the Principal during the laudatio. In the Great Hall UCBM, Sami Modiano expressed his testimony in front of many young students: "I came out of that hell and after many years I understood that I had a mission: to tell everyone what happened, especially young people. That wound will never heal, but I understand why it's worth living. For you, to tell you what happened."

During tomorrow's episode, the two witnesses invite the public to reflect on the the memory, which is not an archive, but a front on which - at the forefront - there are professors, students and families as bearers of the importance and value of memory to learn from the past and build a better future together.