Testimony, memory, care. These words summarize the figure of Sami Modiano, 93 years old, who received it from the Rector today, Wednesday 6 December prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli la Honorary degree in Medicine and Surgery for humanitarian and social merits during the ceremony inauguration of the 31st academic year of the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Romasystem. (Read the Rector's speech).

A life dedicated to civil commitment, to telling young people about the dramatic events in which he was the protagonist when he was just fourteen, deported and then survived the tragedy of the Holocaust: Sami Modiano in almost twenty years of testimony he became the bearer of those virtues of civil life that combat divisions and affirmed the values ​​of freedom, respect, acceptance and sharing that are the basis of every human community. In the Great Hall UCBM, Sami Modiano expressed his strong message in front of many young university students and students of the Marta Russo comprehensive institute in Trigoria: "I am still there, in Birkenau. There I lost my sister Lucia and my father Giacobbe. I cannot forget. I came out of that hell and after many years I understood that I had a mission: to tell everyone what happened, in especially young people - Modiano recalled - For a long time I asked myself "why me? Why did I survive?". That wound will never heal, but I understand why it's worth living. For you, to tell you what happened."

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister of Health Horace Schillaci (read the Minister's speech) and of the Chief of Staff of the Minister of University and Research Marcella Panucci(read the speech), of the president of the Jewish Community of Rome Victor Fadlun and the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Rome Richard DiSegni. 

"In recognizing Sami Modiano's great commitment against hatred and divisions between men and his effort to affirm the values ​​of respect and hospitality, we are certain that we have offered the entire academic community another opportunity for discussion and growth - has ofchiarato theing. Carlo Tosti, President ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma - We are convinced that the university path must offer young people an integral education that serves to structure them as valid professionals but above all as people of value". (Read the President's speech).

Also attending the ceremony Andrea Rossi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager UCBM (read the speech), teacher. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro (read the Principal's laudatio), Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the student representative Chiara Surace. The day, which began with the holy mass celebrated in the chapel of the University Hospital by His Holiness Card. Matthew Maria Zuppi(read the Cardinal's homily) president of the CEI, saw the participation of the regional councilor for University and School Giuseppe Schiboni, of Walter Veltroni and rectors and their delegates from a large number of Italian universities. 

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