Over 500 medical visits at the Mvimwa Monastery Health Center

30 May 2022 - "Being a doctor in Africa was my dream ever since I entered medicine, a wish that I realized immediately after graduating" explains Miriam, Alumna UCBM who took part in the last trip to Tanzania organized as part of the international cooperation initiatives of our University.

I workcamp have as their objective the improvement of hygiene and health conditions and the quality of life of less fortunate populations through the support and training of local operators. A job with a great impact on the territory but also a unique experience of professional and personal growth.

In Mvimwa Benedictine Monastery, a small village located in the Rukwa region of Tanzania, students, postgraduates and Alumni have put their skills at the service of the community. The Monastery offers educational programs and health care services in support of the poor populations of the neighboring areas, a missionary work that our University has embraced for several years.

The result of the experience just spent are over 500 doctor visits at the Health Center, a structure in continuous growth thanks to the training of local staff who have proved to be collaborative and eager to learn, and the presence of a new diagnostic tool, an ultrasound.

In addition to the commitment in the clinical field, other projects are also being carried out: one detailed and multidisciplinary study of water, of great importance for the territory; a study of a soap production project for the use of the disabled and female empowerment, with important technical, health and social implications and the collaboration with a group of students from the University of Parma on food transformation processes.

New missions are being prepared in Tanzania in the summer and autumn.