UCBM participates in the research promoted by Ager for the revaluation of quality products

August 2th, 2016 - Enhance Italian olive products through innovative analytical techniques. This is the purpose of VIOLIN, the project ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma in collaboration with other Italian universities. This is one of the three research activities in the olive supply chain supported this year by Ager, the institution that brings together banking foundations for agri-food research. For the study selected out of 38 candidate proposals, a loan of 1.008.000 euros was provided with the aim of promoting studies on DOP extra virgin olive oil aimed at protecting Made in Italy.

The work coordinated by the University of Messina will start in autumn 2016, with scientific contact prof. Luigi Mondello, involving, as well as UCBM, the University of Rome La Sapienza, the University of Bologna, the University of Turin, the Edmund Mach Foundation, the University of Sannio, the University of Tuscia, the University of Studies of Genoa, the University of Bari "Aldo Moro" and the University of Verona. “The purpose of this inter-university network – he explained Chiara Fanali, of the Food and Nutrition Sciences Research Unit and scientific coordinator of the project for UCBM – is to create a database of oils in which the composition of each sample will be correlated to the specific fundamental properties for characterizing the oil, such as, for example, sensory, nutritional and product origins”. 

The project involves the development of systems to monitor and preserve the quality of the oil during storage and also in relation to the packaging.ing. Better management and valorization of transformation by-products will be taken into consideration, from which compounds can be extracted for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, in particular for the production of foods that have a beneficial effect on human health. Finally, the research will aim to create a culture of quality Italian oil in the consumer, promoting healthy purchasing awareness to support quality production. An activity intended to consolidate the role of a product recognized among the food excellences of our country in the world.