I'm Laura Di Patria, Giuliana Provenzale, Lucia Testa and Flavia De Bono, with the collaboration of Marta Maerini, Giulia Gregori and Flavia Pizzabiocca in the planning stage, the students of the Master's Degree Course in Food and Human Nutrition Sciences who took part in the competition, accompanied by prof. Emanuele Marconi, professor of Food Technologies at UCBM.

It was presented in Parma at the 18th International Food Exhibition

12 May 2016 - The team of female students is called Technologik UCBM which took part in the VIII EcoTrophelia Italia Competition, promoted by Federalimentare within the 18th International Food Exhibition held in Parma from 9 to 12 May.

To the objective of the call - to promote eco-innovation in agri-food products, with particular attention to sustainability and respect for the environment - the female students UCBM they responded with the creation of Albedin, a jelly candy with a soft texture and covered with regular crystals of brown sugar. Its peculiarity? It is prepared with lemon albedo, rich in pectin and flavonoids, or with the inner layer of citrus peel that is usually discarded by the processing industries. A by-product that can be recovered from companies producing juices and essential oils and enhanced through the preparation of jellies which can also be used as a filling for co-extruded chocolates, sugared almonds and biscuits.

The special citrus candy allowed female students UCBM to reach the final selection of the EcoTrophelia Italia Competition and finally to present their work at Cibus, the most important national event on the subject of food. A precious opportunity to interact with the Italian and European food industry: this year the competition, sponsored by Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), also had the support of the European project FOODSTA, intended to foster international collaborations between industry and academia.

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