>> Terms of the Public Notice have been reopened

for the expression of interest for the selection of companies aimed at defining the candidacy for the Inail Bric 2022 tender.

NEW DEADLINE: 30 November 2022, 12.00.

Public notice - for the selection of companies aimed at defining the candidacy for the Inail Bric 2022 tender

DEADLINE: 22 August 2022, 12.00

L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, with registered office in Rome, Via Álvaro del Portillo, 21, as Institutional Recipient within the framework of the Call for Collaborative Research (BRiC – 2022) INAIL With this call for expressions of interest, it intends to select highly qualified companies that carry out research activities in the following fields.

09P2 Integrated risk management: innovative methodologies, ambient intelligence and sensorsTELL MEILAEvaluation of cumulative and integrated exposure to active substances of phytosanitary products, for workers and residents in areas with high treatment intensity, with innovative methodologies for the search for dose and effect indicators in biological and vegetable matricesThe collaboration will have to guarantee the recruitment of farms and residents for the study of exposure to pesticides, support the experimental activities in the field and integrate the analytical and data processing skills and potential of the internal operating unit by contributing: to the biomonitoring of exposure, through determination of dose indicators and identification of possible predictive biomarkers with untargeted metabolic analysis with NMR technique, and statistical analysis of results with chemometric methods; analysis of the impact of treatments on plant products by determining the content of nutrients, markers of oxidative stress and toxins and by identifying characteristic plant profiles with metabolomics techniques.
44P6 Innovative health and safety management systems for risks associated with the evolution of production processes, with particular reference to industry 4.0DITAnalysis and protection of technological assets and workers against cyber attacks
Industrial processes and the use of IoT technologies are highly dependent on industrial data produced in real time. Consequently, it is necessary that production equipment and systems have the possibility of being connected to a network. As a counterpart, there is exposure to cyber attacks. The research involves the creation of a security infrastructure, as a prototype, made up of an orchestrator and various devices, each of which protects an industrial machine, to be distributed in the network infrastructure, which, thanks to the use of intelligence techniques artificial intelligence and big data analytics, are useful for detecting attacks, applying any countermeasures and verifying the implementation of company policies aimed at safety in the workplace. In case it isingIf security devices are unable to contact the orchestrator, they must be able to make decisions independently.
58P8 Innovation of processes connected to digitalisation, robotisation, nanotechnologies and biotechnologies: from risk management to opportunities for prevention interventionsTELL MEILAModifications of the motor program in the use of active and passive exoskeletons in manual handling of loads and characterized by repetitive movements of the upper limb and related impact on risk profilesIndustrial exoskeletons can in some cases exacerbate the risks of disorders and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system by increasing muscle activity, biomechanical load on the spine and metabolic cost, as well as introducing new risks, such as cognitive overload. It was also found that spine exoskeletons may provide a minor biomechanical advantage, both in terms of trunk muscle activity and energy expenditure, during manual handling tasks of asymmetric loads, compared to symmetric tasks. The aim of the collaboration is the analysis of the modifications of the motor program and of the cognitive load in the use of active and passive exoskeletons in the manual handling of loads and characterized by repetitive movements of the upper limb and the evaluation of the relative impact on the risk profiles .

All the information to participate is contained in the Public Notice (download notice):

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