After the internship experience at the General Command of the Arma

"Analysis of Criticalities and Framework Development for the Evaluation of Data Quality of Information Systems in use at the General Command of the Carabinieri" is the title of the thesis of Master's Degree in IngIntelligent Systems engineering discussed Monday June 12 by Nicholas Camarda and the result of his internship experience carried out at the General Command of the Arma.

Camarda is the first student in Italy to have completed the curricular internship period with the Telematics Directorate of the General Command in the field of Artificial Intelligence studies, a unique opportunity in the Italian university panorama which arises from the collaboration between theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and the Carabinieri. "We like Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma we were the first with whom they wanted to do this collaboration: I can only be proud that they chose us. - commented on teacher. Roberto Setola, Ordinary of Automatic UCBM - I believe that a mutually interesting path has been started that can continue and for which I would like to thankingraid the Army".

The thesis work had the objective of analyzing the databases currently in use at the General Headquarters to identify any critical issues and plan solution strategies. We started from a process of data cleaning, i.e. the detection and correction of errors present in the data to arrive at the evaluation of their quality through the creation of an algorithm that integrates both traditional methods and approaches machine learninging"In the age of digitization, mine was an innovative and different thesis compared to the others because it was carried out in a military context. I am absolutely satisfied with the conclusions reached – explained theing. Camarda - During my internship I felt part of the Arma like a family, the one that has been helping us and collaborating with all citizens for 209 years, and I can say I felt at home". For the Arma it was an opportunity for discussion with a student who, during his academic career, has acquired advanced skills in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, increasingly in demand by the world of work.

"From the point of view of contact between the Carabinieri and Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma this is a significant step regarding a new way of addressing the problems of managing large masses of data. In fact, in this area the Carabinieri is of particular interest also thanks to the innumerable set of systems it manages". The words of the Colonel Marco Mattiucci, director of the Telematics Directorate of the General Command of the Carabinieri and second supervisor of the thesis.

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