The two-day conference "Digital environments and human ecology" ended yesterday international speakers and discussants on topics such as robotics, ethics, digital ecosystems, data science, ontology, sustainability and artificial intelligence, stimulating reflection on our role as human beings in relation to the changes taking place in our society.

Organized from Consulting Committee Philosophy and Science UCBM, the seminar saw the participation, during the first day, of Maria Chiara Carrozza Carriage, Adriano Fabris, Giampaolo Ghilardi, Giacinto Barresi, Andrea Maccarini, Carlo Casonato and Luca Bolognini.

Speakers on the second day of dialogue included Stefano Cozzini, Leandro Pecchia, Afredo Marcos, Vittoradolfo Tambone, Roger Strand and Marta Bertolaso.

The scientific community is called to critically reflect on data management and on the 'integration of knowledge to build a future in which research can be more collaborative, transparent and able to address the complex challenges that modern society presents.

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