The competition was announced by Fidaf

12 September 2015 - Francesca Cannata is, together with Sara Pacconi, among the four winners of the competition "Young people present the agriculture of tomorrow", organized by Fidaf (Italian Federation of Doctors in Agriculture and Forestry) on the occasion of Expo 2015. Both students of the Master's Degree in Science of Food and Human NutritionUCBM were awarded in Milan. We publish the proposal below Francesca Cannata.

What we eat affects our survival and that of the planet. Today we talk about Eco-FOOD to indicate a "sustainable" diet, a food model with a low environmental impact that contributes to consumer food safety and a healthy lifestyle for current and future generations.

The need to talk about Eco-FOOD derives from the alarming data emerging at European and national level regarding the environmental impact of the agri-food sector. In Italy this provides an annual per capita emission contribution of approximately 1.780 kg of CO2. For the future of our planet and for our own survival, we should aim to double the availability of food, protecting the environment and consumer needs. With his food choices, for example by adopting a Mediterranean-type diet, the consumer can reduce the impact that the agri-food sector has on the environment. The Mediterranean diet is sustainable at 360° because it favors the daily consumption of foods that have a low environmental impact such as cereals, legumes, etc., to the detriment of products such as meat and cheeses which instead have a significantly greater environmental impact. Choosing a sustainable diet has a positive effect on the consumer's health and protects the environment in which we live.