Fondazione Mondo Digitale together with Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine presented the new edition of "J Factor" at l 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, scientific partner of the initiative which represents a real training ecosystem dedicated to the health and well-being of young people. Health, prevention and digital are the drivers of this year's initiative, which has already seen the involvement of over 300 thousand students and the training of over 26.000 of them. Through school-work alternation paths, students will be able to become "actors of change" at patient associations that are partners of the project.

The attention of most young people towards health is strong: according to research conducted by Politecnico di Milano for Factor J out of 460 students between 14 and 20 years old from the network of schools who joined the project in past editions, almost 50% identify research and health as priority issues for society, considered more relevant than issues such as ecological transition, digitalisation, competitiveness and culture (which stop at 21,6% and 15,9% of the sample respectively). The students not only demonstrate confidence and interest in the challenges of science, but the majority of them believe that the medicine of the future must be first and foremost technologically advanced to offer increasingly personalized and effective solutions. Furthermore, according to the panel it is necessary to promote"proximity" assistance as a tool to ensure greater equity in access to care, as well as ensuring the system is adequate presence of specialists and healthcare workers.

With the aim of listening to young people and their needs, this edition of Fattore J is focused on areas where the prevention plays a central role in promoting health from a young age, such as oncology, with particular attention to lung cancer, theHIV and mental health, a topic for the new generations is becoming increasingly important. Beyond 300 thousand students reached in 6 key regions, 5 institutional partners involved, 3 Universities and 18 Patient Associations: these are just some of the numbers of an initiative that intends to promote the concept "Health is Everything" among the new generations.

The presentation event saw the participation of numerous institutional speakers and patient associations: Eugenio Guglielmelli, Rector ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, the Hon. Ylenja Lucaselli, Group leader of the Fifth Permanent Commission (Budget, Treasury and Planning), Sara Ramella, Pro-Rector of Integration and Social Impact UCBM, Tonino Aceti, Founder and president Salutequità, Anna Lisa Mandorino, General secretary at Cittadinanzattiva APS Q&A from students UCBM e Alessandro Pernigo, Vice president UCBM.

"After four years, the Fattore J project is supported by a multi-sectoral network capable of responding with authority and closeness to the requests of young people, who have always been our recipients and interlocutors. Thanks to the moments of meetings with them we understood that it is a priority to increase awareness and attention to prevention, to taking care of oneself and others, encouraging a conscious and constructive attitude in the face of the pathology. This is why the training action is strengthened year after year and the opportunities for discussion multiply, thus like the testimonies that are part of the project program" has ofchiarato Mirta Michilli, general director of the Digital World Foundation.