Tuesday 5 July is Research Day

July 1 2016Return to theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma Research Week, scheduled from Monday 4 to Friday 8 July to take stock of "I3: Innovation, Internationalization and Interdisciplinarity between biomedical and bioingengineering" (download the program)An edition that this year changes format, focusing on topics of public debate and comparison with other realities on current issues that concern science and innovation between medicine, biology and ingengineering.

Two panels scheduled for Tuesday 5 July, both moderated by science journalist and Radio24 host Maurizio Melis inside of Research Day. An entire panel will be dedicated to lenders, partners and stakeholders UCBM, while the other will present i research results of two projects that achieved and published particularly significant results in 2015. The first research concerns in particular theingtissue engineering and regenerative medicine, while the second concerns innovation in the treatment of diabetes and its most important complications, such as sensorimotor neuropathies.

The balance sheet is more than positive Eugenio Guglielmelli, Vice Rector for Research UCBM, on the past year: "I70% of publications are in the first quartile (Q1) according to the Scimago classification based on the Scopus database. In other words, this means that the vast majority of our publications appear in the most prestigious international scientific journals. Another strong point is the multidisciplinarity of the teaching staff, which sees hundreds of researchers from different areas under the same roof in avant-garde structures, as well as the interdisciplinarity of research training courses for our young people".

A particular focus will be dedicated, during the Research Day, to translational research: "By networking cutting-edge clinical centers also in management aspects like ours - says Guglielelli - Italy can help pharmaceutical and medical device companies to innovate and therefore rapidly bring high-impact products to market for quality of care and patient safety".

Lastly, the agreement with Inail on the subject of bionic prostheses will be renewed on 5 July, "both to move more and more towards solutions applicable to the patient in a definitive way, and for the development of clinical solutions for the personalized treatment of amputee patients". Searches that "they will allow our University Hospital to become the first clinical center in Italy in the coming years to be able to provide amputee patients with cutting-edge treatments currently provided only in Austria and the United States".
For information you can contact the Integrated Research Center.