The formation of theingengineer at the service of man

December 15, 2020 IEEE is the acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the largest organization in the world for the advancement of technologies in the field ofingelectrical and computer engineering. Founded in 1884, it aims to foster collaboration between the most brilliant minds in the world with over 450 thousand members, including researchers and professionals, from over 160 countries. Through educational activities, publications and global conferences, the IEEE promotes innovation and technological excellence in the service of humanity.

The Italy section of the IEEE has around 4 members, mostly university researchers. Among these, since 2018, there are students UCBM - Student Branch indeed - with 50 members. Representing him are the doctoral students of Ingengineering ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma employed in research, who organize webinars and online lessons to bring the applied side of research closer to any student enrolled from the first year of the three-year degree course up to the final year of the master's degree.

Awarded Most Improved Student Branch for 2020, the UCBM SB have formed a large working group and together, in their first year of activity, they have managed to organize 50 events and take part in over 100 events nationwide. Mostly informative events such as the sPeach.D held every second Thursday of the month, in which a PhD student talks about his studies and his research work. In this way, moments of discussion and training are established, where students can learn what lies behind scientific research, to obtain a new point of view on the knowledge acquired during traditional lessons. “For me, being a student branch officer means being part of a big family – has ofchiarato Riccardo Sabbadini – this type of activity allowed me to deepen my passion foringbiomedical engineering and introduced me to fascinating new technologies."
Participating in extracurricular activities such as the IEEE Student Branch in fact allows each student, whether spectator or researcher, to grow from a personal point of view through a more in-depth scientific knowledge, in particular ofingbiomedical engineering, capable of transforming itself into a science fully at the service of man.

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Thursday 16 December 2020 at 17.30pm - Read all the information
An event to improve collaboration and networkinging between the IEEE student branches of the Polytechnic of Turin (PoliTo) andUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

  • Joshua Di Tocco by UCBM will present a speech entitled: “Smart fabrics for respiratory rate and joint monitoring”
  • Andrea Mongardi of the Turin Polytechnic will present a speech entitled “A bio-inspired embedded system for sEMG-based gesture recognition"

The event will be streameding on the YouTube channel of the Polytechnic of Turin IEEE Student Branch.